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How to win at RNG rouletteThe online casino roulette number actuals capturing bot

Due to many requests over the past few years I have decided to provide a number reading bot that will capture the numbers as they appear in the marquee, there are 3 versions on offer.

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  • Bronze (free to use £25 setup) - Captures the numbers, displays the last spun number and counts the spins, when you are finished your session it will print out all the numbers from that session to a text file.
  • Silver (£2 per week £25 setup) - As above but also displays a running percentage count of all even chances, dozens and columns so you can see at a glance if anything is lagging behind, for example, lets say the read out was showing 22% for black and 78% for red, we know that RNG at some point will start to equalize so black could be expected to start appearing more often.
  • Gold (£5 per week £25 setup) - All of the above plus a count for each number, this will help if you are chasing sleepers or hot numbers as at a glance you can instantly see which numbers are hot and which numbers havent hit yet, coupled with the spin counter you can see how long a number hasn't hit for, but with sleepers don't forget, any specific number can sleep for over 600 RNG spins.

So now you can put down that pen and paper and let a bot do all the monitoring for you!

Currently I have only developed the bot for Betvoyager No Zero table, I do intend to add Playtech european roulette and Dublinbet Live wheels, depending on requests for them of course.

By purchasing the bot you will be part of a team of like minded roulette players all looking for the same thing, a long term winning method, you will also be on the list for any good method that comes available in a bot I will notify you as soon as it happens, I am constantly testing and tweaking many of the methods out there.

* Bespoke bots, I have been making bots for many platforms over the years, if you have a method you play often and would like to take out the effort involved in tracking and calculating your next move or progression amount then contact me for a quote, prices start from as little as £50, depending on the complexity of the method of course.

How does the number capture bot work?

This is easiest to explain in pictures.

When you launch the bot for the 1st time the bot will show you the below message. Click OK and it will launch the setup tool.   The setup GUI will appear somewhere over the game window, drag it off the game so its not in the way then click Start.
The bot will now display 2 coordinates for you, it will close this alert itself so just sit back and watch.   When the coordinates box disappears the bot will move your mouse to the top left corner of the game window as in the image below.
Now it will start gathering each number, it will run on its own until it has seen all 36 numbers, during this time it will place bets that will always keep your balance at the same point.   Below you can see the mutually beneficial bets placed every second spin, for setup please use demo mode as it still allows free spins.
The last step is to match up the captured number with a dropdown box, if you get this wrong then it wont work properly, so take your time and double check before clicking Ok. It will show you each number in no specific order, look at the image then select the number in the drop down box, when all 36 have been shown and ok'd the tool will close and you can now run the bot.

Running the bot - There is a sequence you need to follow, very simple, open the game window move it to where you want it on your desktop DO NOT resize the game window, then double click the bot and move it off the game window, it's very important that you do not move the game window after launching the bot.

Click start on the bot and start your play, each time a new number lands the bot will read it then wait for the next, simple as that, when you have finished your session just place a tick in Tick to stop then click close, at this point you can look in the folder the bot lives in you will notice a text file with the date and time as its name, this contains the actuals of your session for later analysis. Each time you run the bot a new file will be created.

Interested? - simply make a £25 donation, send me an email stating the email address in your donation and the level of bot you would like to run, Bronze, Silver or Gold, I will then send you the bot files with instructions how to get started. Please remember this bot only runs on Betvoyager No Zero currently. If you would like to see one for another wheel please let me know, use the Contact me link in the header navigation of this page.


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